PHP Developer

I am primarily a PHP Developer, specialising in Web Development using WordPress and Magento.

I am very comfortable in using PHP with MySQL, and as well as my WordPress and Magento projects, have also used PHP with some of my own custom built websites and programs.

I used PHP with the Google Analytics API, in order to display the analytics data of Gravytrain’s clients in a table that was easy to read and also integrated data from Advanced Web Rankings, using exported XML files.

This allowed them to view each of their clients number of Visits, Conversions, Priority Keyword and the Ranking of that keyword all in one table.

I have also used PHP throughout my university studies to develop a custom built Content Management System, a fantasy football website for me and my friends and also used it along with JavaScript, to produce a mobile web application.

If you require any PHP related work, whether a website build or application developed, then please Contact Me with your requirements and I will provide you with a competitive quote.

Some of the projects I have developed using PHP are below.